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Get lost in the alleys among colorful houses overlooking the sea. Ge swept away by well-combined legends and stories that tell of knights, great emperors and patron saints. Be seduced and discover how much beauty lies in the simplicity of the Romanesque churches or in a joyful and heartfelt Patronal Feast that time has turned into art.

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The fruits of the earth, cultivated and carefully selected, the gifts coming from the sea, brought everyday by the fishing boats to the fish market, are an integral part of the local people’s culture and approach to life. Simple dishes and genuine products reflect the character and soul of these places: the aromas in the air together with a fragrant glass of wine accompany you on a sensorial journey of self-discovery.

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Golden beaches, dunes, lake oasis and thick pine forests bring body and mind to a primordial state. Long summer sunsets in unexpectedly poetic places. Nature and its colors, landscapes and fauna are the protagonists of these paths, designed to enjoy the most valuable assets that belongs to them: the fresh and clean air.

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“Healthy mind in healthy body”; the ancient Roman saying goes for the Samnites too! Bike along the roads climbing up the hills, ride through the sand dunes, go karting or jogging along the coast, surf the frothy waves with swollen sails or do yoga by the sea. In our itineraries every moment is perfect to be lulled by the wind.

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And there it is, Campomarino, on its hill that thins out towards the valley and lies on the Adriatic.



The regality and elegance of Guglionesi emerge right away from the paving of the historical center...



San Giacomo degli Slavoni, so called because it was repopulated in the middle of the Sixteenth century by Slavic populations...

San Giacomo degli Schiavoni


The city of Termoli is characterized by the sea entering the small fishing village, offering the visitors a different light every day...


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Agosto 2022

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B. La passione scende in piazza

C. Rassegna stampa

D. Il personaggio: Luigi Di Majo, una vita di passioni

E. Un cuore alla volta

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