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San Giacomo degli Schiavoni

San Giacomo degli Slavoni, so called because it was repopulated in the middle of the Sixteenth century by Slavic populations coming from Dalmatia, is the town that has suffered the most destruction due to earthquakes and invasions from the sea among all those of the urban area. Linked to Termoli, both for geographical proximity and because it was fief of Termolesi bishops and barons, San Giacomo is architecturally different from other municipalities. In fact, there are no decorated historical buildings, nor works of particular artistic importance, however, it offers visitors a strong feeling of pleasure, lightness and well-being. Life movess slowly between the sound of the bells marked by the ancient clock, a walk to the viewpoint where you look at the sea and breathe it in, the water of the eighteenth-century source and the ancient sandstone caves, once home and refuge for the indigenous population, which has become today an ancestral place surrounded by greenery. In its simplicity, San Giacomo conveys the sense of life of a typical Molisian community, which gathers around the Mother Church and the few town’s shops, that hide many great surprises!
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