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And there it is, Campomarino, on its hill that thins out towards the valley and lies on the Adriatic. The rows of vines and olive trees adorn the territory with a look at tradition, the work of the land and the marine culture. Campomarino is a small town full of history, also characterized by the Arbëreshë culture, the ancient Albanian population that took refuge on the Molise coast to escape the Ottoman invasion from the Balkans in the Fifteenth Century and that, probably, settled around the Church of Santa Maria a Mare. Over the years the white houses, either overlooking the sea or the bright alleys of the town, have become canvases to paint, giving Campomarino its current personality. But the town’s history dates back to the Paleolithic Age, which we can tell by the lagoon landscape and its fauna, representing an unicum of the Adriatic biodiversity, by the ancient and untouched pine forests close to the sea or even by the valley, that once was just a green plain while today hosts the summer life of Campomarino, with all the comforts and activities related to the emerald sea and the beautiful golden beaches
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