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The regality and elegance of Guglionesi emerge right away from the paving of the historical center: the ancient basalt is more a technique that characterizes the noble cities and towns of Campania and Lazio rather than the ones overlooking the middle Adriatic... but that’s how Guglionesi is, full of grace and with a history of great artistic and cultural value, with its medieval churches, the Confraternities that still organize activities and renew ancient traditions, the Liberty style of the houses of the early Twentieth Century and the rich theatrical season of the Fulvio Theater.
Guglionesi is located between land and sea, with a panorama that ranges from the Abruzzo mountains to the valley of Biferno until reaching the Gargano Promontory of Puglia.
At first frequented by the Samnites, the town grew and developed thanks to the Normans. Later on, it was donated to Joan of Aragon and for centuries became the residence of Termolese Bishops, who found refuge here and escaped the continuous coastal invasions. History, traditions and landscape are undoubtedly the peculiarities of the enchanting town of Guglionesi, a treasure that wants to be found and worn... in all seasons.
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